How does real estate marketing work?

Marketing is about communicating your value to customers. Why is it important to market yourself? Statistics say that half of the young business entities fail during the first year. Most of these businesses do not know how to sell their products or services in the right way. If they knew, they would probably succeed. 

As for the brand new real estate agents, marketing plays an enormous role. How sellers or buyer will know about you even if you are a professional and skilled agent? Marketing has traditional and digital tools. Both work great. How can your real estate business benefit from marketing? The correct using of marketing instruments will assist to:

  • increase traffic to your website;
  • improve customers engagement;
  • raise the awareness of your brand;
  • increase sales and inquiries.

When people see the proofs of the professional services, they know where they can find them if needed. 

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Modern marketing offers a large number of techniques. You may take into your team a marketer to do a marketing job. It is a great idea, but you should know how modern instruments work and use them for the benefit of your business. So let’s consider some digital marketing tools over traditional. 

Digital and Content Marketing

More and more people opt for online shopping. Internet impact hugely on how people are making their decision. Ignoring the importance of digitalization can cost your business a lot. So, promotion of your services online and via other digital channels is a must. Digital marketing assists you to reach your targeted consumers as soon as only possible.

Social Media Marketing

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SMM is the right choice to increase the awareness of your services among the targeted audience, generate more leads, and increase engagement rates. Nowadays, almost 80% of Americans use Facebook, so why do not use this platform to reach more customers. Except for Facebook, increase your presence at the following platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. 

Let’s consider Pinterest as a reliable marketing channel. Most people are visual learners. So start pinning the photos of the properties you need to sell and adding a listing in the form of URL source. 

Instagram is a great assistant in promoting you as a real estate agent. You can post reviews and other testimonials of your happy clients. Do not forget to use hashtags to help the prospective clients to find you.


Why is blogging such a great idea? Because it shows that you care about customers. They have so many questions, so before even reaching an agent, they what to feel more informed. 

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In your blog, you can share the information about property prices or recent results of sales. Share a story about how you helped the last client to make the right choice and avoid possible fails.

When you create your blog with unique information, you will see how the search engine will love your website. If your site is full of listings only, then it won’t work. However, creating a blog with quality and unique content will shoot! Fill your blog with individual information about local events related to real estate, property prices, and local market news. Place some infographics and charts as most people are visual learners. These tips will increase engagement as people want more. So, be ready to ask their questions. 


It’s 2019 outside. That is why we are sure that you understand how customers have to find you on the Internet. Perhaps, it is even the very first step to attracting new leads. The statistics show that most successful real estate agents do have their website. If you are an active Internet user, then you are pretty aware of what are the features of the excellent site.

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However, we will remind what a website should have to be a useful tool and lead generator:

  • user-friendly interface, easy to use navigation, and mobile-friendly option;
  • professional property photos;
  • a comprehensive description of real estate properties;
  • neighborhood profile pages;
  • contact information and links to social media accounts;
  • data updated regularly;
  • use a chatbot;
  • simple navigation; 
  • call-to-action buttons.

Plus, the loading speed of a website should be fast. No one will stay and wait while a website is trying to load.

You may also want to add some videos as one more additional tool. Alternatively, even hold webinars as a small free help.

However, that’s great to be online, but it is still great to be a part of a community to build a network. You should be involved in the local life of the community to present yourself, find like-minded people, and do something good for your community. Let it be a small reminder that traditional tools still work and essential.