How to Find a Building Plot

There are individuals whose dream is to build their new home. Of course, it seems to be easier to buy a new one. However, the statics show that the number of self-builders tends to grow. Before building a new house, it is crucial to find the right building plot. Searching for a building plot can be far more overwhelming than buying a ready-to-move home. Mostly because of the lack of land allowed to be sold in the country. We have prepared some helpful tips to boost the process.

Be more flexible

The very first advice to find a plot is to be more flexible. You already know how your dream house has to look. However, it may take months or even years to search the plot you dream about. You may skip a great plot if you are not ready to compromise. What if your dream plot does not even exist? Not sure that you are prepared to fail your dream to build a house because of it.

Architect and engineer


Knowing where exactly you want to build a house may boost the process thoroughly. Once you have decided where you want to build a house, visit the location. You may study the site via the Internet and study city or town plan. However, visiting and exploring the desired area will increase the chances to succeed. You can find derelict properties, deserted gardens, and other properties failed to be used. Moreover, you can talk to locals, introduce yourself, and collect as many information as possible. So, your research and involvement are more effective and, of course, time-consuming. 

Architect holding a new building plot

Despite personal exploring program, keep your eye on a Local Plan. As a rule of thumb, these plans are published on the local council websites or planning department websites.

Plus, you can also benefit if using such programs as Google Maps.

Auctions and real estate agents

The auctions give you a chance to find the great lots that you possible would never see. You will receive an auction catalog with all the lots a month before the auction. You can use this time to visit the lots you are interested in and explore all the details. 

Cadastre Map

It may look obvious to address the searching a plot to a real estate agent. However, the problem is that real estate agents are more interested in buying and selling real estate then plots because of higher rates. However, you still may try to contact two or more real estate agents. In such a case, keep in touch with them all the time and even visit them. 


Most builders are mostly your competitors. Meanwhile, sometimes, they are not ready to develop a site. Perhaps, it is better to sell land for them in some cases. That is why it is an excellent idea to communicate with builders too. 


One more source of information is our friends and family. All you need is to tell them that you are searching for land to build a house. Ask them if they know someone who is selling land or, maybe, an old house. 

Businessmen discussing a building plan

A plot with a building

Imagine that you found a plot with a dream view, size, and location, but there is a house on it. The house is old and needs repair. Consider buying such a home and demolish it. 

Find a lawyer

Before buying a land, you need to be sure that you have a right to build on it. You should be good with local codes and laws, and you also need to know what kind of permits have to be received. As you see, the process of searching and buying land is time-consuming and demands many efforts. The best option is to have a lawyer to do all the legal work. In this case, you know that a lawyer will check all the documents and permits.

Do a survey

When you buy a house, you have a home inspection. The same with the land. Before making an offer, allow a surveyor to do its job to be sure that your area is ready to for building of a new house. A surveyor checks the flood risks, soil type, pipes, and boundaries. 

If you apply this advice, it will eliminate any unpleasant surprises in the future.