How to Find a Property Owner in the USA

There are some situations in life when you need to know who is the owner of a specific property. Lucky for you, you do not need to hire an investigator to find this information.

What is essential to keep in mind is that who owns own information is subject to free excess in the United States. So, you should not feel guilty when you are searching such kind of information. In this article, we have collected some easy ways that will help you to find a property owner. 

How to discover who is a property owner online?

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Let’s start with state authorities whose obligation is to collect and store information on a property, its owners, taxes, transaction details, addresses, and many others. As these data is of public record, you can find it using the resources of these state authorities. The biggest plus of this method is that it is absolutely for free.

Tax Assessor

You may address your request whether to a tax assessor. Most of the government bodies have websites with the records available for the public. It looks pretty simple. However, you need to know the address of the property. If you know the correct address and the county where the property is located, then feel free to visit a county website. 

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If a tax body fails to have the records on the website, then you should visit the government office. For more detailed results, you may provide a plot number or block number. 

The tax records may give more information than just name and contact information of the owner. For instance, tax records may contain data on appraisal, tax liens, recent transactions, size, and the number of rooms.

County Recorder

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Also, you may address your request to a county recorder. A county recorder storages the property deeds. Like with a tax assessor, you also need to know the county where the property is situated. The property can be found online on the county recorder website. If not, then you should give a visit to a county recorder. If you know the plot or block number, it will significantly boost the searching process. 

Real Estate Agent

Why not ask someone who has access to other resources and databases? Local real estate agent knows good the neighborhood. Plus, they cooperate with title companies.

Title Company

If for some cases none of the above-mentioned options worked, then you may use the services of a title company. Meanwhile, be ready to pay around two hundred or three hundred dollars for the company’s work. That is why using of title company’s services is necessary when other options fail to work. 

Web Resources

Dozens of private and commercial websites offer their searching tools to discover the name of the property owner, contact information, and other details. This is a super easy and convenient method. Especially if you need to gather such kind of information regularly, but the county has no online registration. So, you do not need to waste your time by visiting a county or tax offices all the time. 

Property Shark

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Property Shark is a website that offers its visitors to find any owner of the property in fifteen states. To use this website, a user should create an account. This website provides one search for free. If you need more, you have an option. It is to pay fifteen dollars for one hundred searches per month. The website research report provides with information about property ownership, tax liens, and deeds.

Data Tree

Data Tree is another commercial website that assists in searching property data. The primary users of Data Tree are real estate agents, lawyers, and mortgage lenders. However, anyone can benefit using the searching tools of the website. This website fee is ninety-nine dollars per month. So, before subscribing be sure that you will use its services regularly. 

U.S. Title Record

The third online provider is U.S. Title Record. You will find owners information if you pay $19.50. If you need a more detailed search, then you need to pay more. Remember that different counties provide a different amount of property information. However, the site guarantees that you will find some basic information for sure.