Real Estate Advice for Sellers

Selling and buying a house is not the same. When you buy a home, you become more emotionally involved. However, you sell a house for a reason. For example, a seller is moving out because of a job offer. A seller is not emotionally involved; he is focused on selling his property at the best price.

In this article, we have some tips for homesellers.

The right time to sell real estate

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Choose the best time to sell a house. This advice fails to work if a seller cannot wait and needs to sell its property as soon as possible. However, if a buyer has time, then he can choose the right time to show the property`s advantages. It is a general rule, that spring is the best season for selling. During springtime, people become more active, more light and bloomy gardens are a plus. But be careful. A market is oversupplied with offers during this period. So, if your house has nothing remarkable, be brave to sell it any season you like. However, if your house has a beautiful garden, spring is the right time. Alternatively, if an apartment is situated near a beach, then sell it during summertime.  

Get a house a move-in ready

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It is pretty tough to sell a house as-is unless a seller is expecting for the lower sale price. 

If a seller wants to sell his home for top dollar, he has to be ready to make some improvements. Remember that you have only one chance to make a good impression. The good idea is to perform an inspection before listing. It will provide you with information on significant repairs to be made.

Plus, you may walk through your property and imagine that this is your first time. Make a list of what has to be improved while walking through house.

Before starting a selling process, be sure that you are ready to show your house to the market. An excellent suggestion is decluttering and removing your personal belongings out of a house. These help buyers to imagine themselves in the house. 

The easiest thing you can do is to repaint the walls into neutral colors. Thus, a buyer is more focused on space, than walls color. Open up all the windows, bring some flowers to welcome buyers, avoid any cooking and specific odors, 

Spend your time outdoors to curb appeal. Clean the windows, door, roof, and pavement. Take care of your garden either. 

The right time to sell real estate

House showing

A huge mistake that some home sellers do is avoid home showing. Even the best professional photos cannot replace visiting a place. Yes, it takes some time. However, be sure it boosts selling process. Interact with visitors and help them imagine their life in the selling house.

Find and hire your representative

The National Association of Realtors says that only 10 % of for sale by owners successfully sell their houses. This number shows the importance of real estate brokers and agents. Study how to interview an agent and what questions you should ask. Clarify how many transactions an agent did in the past year; if an agent has experience in selling similar houses; if it agent`s full-time job. A real estate agent has to have strong negotiations skills. Plus, the agent’s responsibility is to resolve any issues. They know how the process goes and do all the paperwork. Interview at least three agents within different companies to make the best choice.

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Real estate`s competitive price

You need to do a comparative market analysis and appraisal to have a competitive price. A competitive price gives a seller a chance to sell his estate in the shorten terms. Keep in mind that a professional real estate agent will tell you the actual cost of your house. Because for a professional, it is more important to sell a house than make a seller love you.

Bonus advice is to take professional photos of your house after decluttering or as your agent. It highly likely that a licensed agent cooperates with a photographer to present a client’s property in the most favorable light.