Real Estate Advice for Seniors

Moving out is not an easy task even when you are young. Just imagine how it is difficult for seniors.

Such a decision is not only practical but also emotional. We want to say that your goal is to minimize stress and find the options to make the process go smoothly. The moving process can be overwhelming; that is why we have prepared real estate advice for seniors that work. 

Real estate advice for seniors

1. Pick up a Senior Real Estate Specialist

It would be best if you searched for a real estate agent who specialized in providing services to clients over 50. The specialized have completed a unique course focused on 50 plus demographic. In such a case, you receive customized services. An agent will help you to make a smart decision, consult on financial issues and taxes. 

Ask your family members if they have the referrals to give to you. Find at least three more real estate agents to interview them. 

Advice about real estate for seniors

2. Financial side

It is not an option for you to throw money down the drain. Like any other seller, you want to sell your family house for top dollar. That is why it is vital to consider the financial side of the deal. You may consult with your accountant, financial advisor, or real estate agent. Consult with one of the mentioned professionals on the pros and cons of a conventional loan, a reverse mortgage or VA loan if you are a veteran. You also need to know how the deal will affect your pension. Clarify any governmental programs available you can benefit as a senior.

3. Decide where you want to live

Except for selling a house, you need to think where you want to live. Perhaps, you want to live in a small one-floor house or move to a retirement community. If you like any home, ask your agent about the hospitals around, social life, public transportation, and crime level in the neighborhood. 

Advice of real estate for seniors

Also, make sure you have enough equity to purchase and maintain a new house and cover medical expenses.

4. Decluttering

Decluttering is general advice for all house sellers. However, this advice especially relevant for seniors. If you around 60 years old, then you probably have been living in the house for the last 20 or even 30 years. This time is enough to collect memories, furniture, and other staff. Right now, the time has come to clean the space for prospective buyers. Most modern individuals are visual learners. That is why they need help to imagine their life in your house. 

Seniors and real estate

5. Downsizing

However, what to do with all that stuff? Consider selling, donating, or giving some part to the family members. A real estate agent may also help to develop the downsizing strategies. Start this process as soon as possible. Because you have been living in the house for a long time. So, probably, you have much stuff. Give yourself a chance to do this job slowly. How many things you need to get rid of depends on where you are planning to move. The attics and basement usually have all that stuff we are not going to use anymore. Check the things attentively in attics and basement. We are sure that most of the staff can be tossed.

6. Home Staging

This point is optional. However, the researches show that sellers who used the services of the professional home stagers sold their houses in less than a month. If you need to have your house right now, then consider hiring a stager.

Real estate for seniors

7. Professional Help

So you finally sold your house and ready to move out. However, you still have something to do. How to transfer everything you need to a new home? 

If you have some small items, it is okay to move them by yourself. But for sure, there will be heavy items. This job is for professional transportation companies. Pick up one to be sure that all your staff will come safe and sound to a new house. 

Remember moving should not be stressful for you. Some people can make all the process goes smoothly. Do what you can do by yourself slowly but surely. Professionals should do other tasks.