Real Estate How to Prospect

Real estate agents cannot wait when new clients come into their office. That is why you need to apply modern techniques to reach the clients and become a prospective agent.


Only self-organized professionals have chances to gain success. You need to have your plan for a day/week/month and stick to it.

Develop your schedule and put it right in front of you or use Google calendar to remind you that you need to write a new post for a Facebook account. 

Real Estate agent woman with clients

Do not be afraid to tell your client that you are free to talk with them on the identified time. That is what all professionals do. 

Zillow Agent

Create a robust presence on the leading websites focused on selling real property. For example, put your efforts into becoming a premium Zillow agent. All the efforts you put to advertise yourself on Zillow will come back almost tripled.


For personal branding and leads generation, each agent should have a website. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself, show your education, experience, skills, and knowledge. Our advice is to add technologies that enable a website to show your listings. Find the sites of the well-known and recognized agents to understand what you need to add to your website to look professional.

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Content marketing

It is impossible to overestimate the role or content marketing for an agent nowadays. Called phone calls do not work as good as before anymore. It does not mean that you need to exclude them at all. However, what it means is that you need to be more focused on what brings you more leads. It is smart content marketing! You have a savvy experience, and any even the best author can write articles for the property blog as high as you. You know what most clients are afraid most of all and what they are searching for. That is why you need to become your writer for your blog. Yes, it takes some time. However, you are creating unique content using your skills and experience. In case you follow this advice, new and regular leads are guaranteed.

Social Media

It is a big mistake to neglect social media. Even if you are afraid to talk publicly, you need to do something with that, as you miss a great advertising channel. 

  • Create a business Facebook page;
  • create an Instagram page;
  • create a LinkedIn page.

You may post not only business-related posts. Show people your hobbies, family, and values. It helps to build trust relationships.  

Knowledge is a power

Couple with real-estate agent

To become an expert in this field, you need to have a solid understanding of your city, town, and neighborhood. It is excellent when you deliver to your client information he did not know. Like any professional, you need to remember many data. However, it is not so difficult if you are highly involved. So, what you should do is to be informed using the Internet, specialized magazine, and visiting local council meetings to now the latest updates to the current laws. 

Create a team

For your business to prospect, you should have partner relationships with the number of people. 

  • Stagers will help your clients to sell their homes faster. If a house stays on the market for a long time, then this house needs the help of a professional stage artist. 
  • A landscape design professional is responsible for the very first impression of potential buyers. Explain to your clients that the first view matters and fasten the selling process. 
  • Trusted bankers are crucial for future buyers as they are going to make the most significant investment in their lives. It would be great if you can advise them on a good and trusted banker.
  • A divorce lawyer is what people need to divide their property. Your task is to make this process go smooth for your clients.


As you see, there are mostly digital tools used nowadays. However, it does not mean that it is enough. An agent is a part of a community, and you want to be useful for your community. Then what are you thinking about visiting a local event last Saturday? It an excellent chance to say hi to local people, and meet a new one. Do not forget to introduce yourself. 

So yes, make a few photos for your Instagram account? 

Appreciate your clients

Most home-buyers tend to move in around five years. It is highly likely that they will need your services again. Make sure that you remind us about yourself and send small presents to your past clients. There are many reasons to do that, like a birthday or a purchase anniversary.