The Best Prefab Homes 2019

The prefabricated homes remain to be popular in 2019. Buying such a house means that you are a modern person who appreciates comfort. As a rule, the prefab uses the current and most effective methods for its construction and functionality. So the one who buys a prefab cares about our nature. Such advantages as energy efficiency, fast development, modern design, and affordability will keep attracting buyers. Still, it has disadvantages like buying the land for your prefab what can be as costly as purchasing a prefab. In this article, we want to show you five amazing buildings available on the market.   

Prefab Home

Värm by Unity Homes

Värm shape is reminiscent of a typical house. While looking at the pictures of this prefab dwelling, it is difficult to believe that it’s not the classic house. The size is impressive and falls from 1500 to 2900 square feet. This prefab reflects the spirit of its creator, who has Scandinavian roots, so the house reflects the Scandinavian mood. However, the company offers different styles for buyers. The exterior has nothing in excess. Depending on the option, Värm may have three or four bedrooms, two or three bathrooms. The first floor consists of a modern and comfortable kitchen, dining and living room, while the second has bedrooms and baths.

Architect stood with unfinished house

Model 2.1 by Method Homes

This prefab belongs to the Cabin Series of Method Homes. The whole series is fully customizable. Model 2.1 has almost 1.300 square feet, two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms. It also equipped with a kitchen, dining room, and living room. The house consists of three modules. Method Homes offers two selling options. First, it is a cost for modules only, which is 253,000 US Dollars. Second, it is buying of modules, and the site is around 490,000 US Dollars; however, the final cost will depend on necessary permits, transportation costs, and taxes. The final price will be estimated upon the feasibility.

The Best Prefab Homes 2019

Connect eight by Connect Homes

Connect Homes offers a buyer to choose exterior and interior options right on their website. This prefab has amazing picture windows. The house is fully equipped with kitchen appliances, washing and dryer appliances, central heating, and water heating system, LED lighting. We can continue a list; however, you can be sure that this house has everything necessary to live in. It has two floors, with three or four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The dwelling area is two thousand two hundred and sixty square feet. The total price for this equipped is almost 750,000 US Dollars.

Breezehouse 2100 of Blue Homes

This prefab is so charming that you will fall in love with it. It offers different roof options like flat or butterfly roof. The building looks stylish and modern. It will be an excellent choice for people living in a hot climate as it enables the owner to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. The Breezehouse 2100 has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This house is perfect for families. The area of the prefab is 2,400 square feet. It equipped with high-quality windows and LED lighting. This prefab is energy efficient so that it will save you money. The price varies from 545,000 to 600,00 US Dollars.

Building made with precast wall

If you want to add a module, Blue Homes will do it!

TimberCab Homes by FabCab

This prefab has even three options to choose – small, medium, and large. The owner of this house will enjoy lots of sunlight inside the house thanks to large windows. The small one has one bedroom and one bathroom, the medium has one-two bedrooms, and one bathroom. While the large one also has two options. The first also offers two bedrooms and one bath but with a higher area comparing to the medium. The second provides three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Such a variety of options is comfortable. As you may choose the one that suits better for your wishes. Whether you want a vacation cabin or a first house, you will find something you need. The price range starts from 350,000 US Dollars.